August 12th, 2013

hugh house

(no subject)

I've been in ostrich mode so far this week(ish).

Suffice to say, nothing much of interest happening here.

Dosk is wrestling with flkr:

[ dive club member -- "why do we need to keep having a website -- everyone's on facebook"]

I suspect nitrogen narcosis related lame brain. Facebook. There are no words. Actually there is one: idiot. Facebook. I have opinions regarding sodding Facebook. Also, the result would probably look like the email-group-list thing -- really stupid and nobody understands "reply to all" or "reply to poster" inflicting inane spam on everybody else.

So, facebook guy, solution: give him the user interaction experience by letting them all flkr their photographs and make the site more "dynamic". Previously, there has been so much user/ club member interaction with the website with many contributions to the photo page -- wait-a-minute nobody posted/emailed/provided any pictures, that I am sure that this whole development will be totally hopping

I don't think the last paragraph made any sense whatsoever, so maybe I should step away from the keyboard.