August 23rd, 2013

ckr: fear is negotiable

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So. Yes. Uhm.

I'm pretty much on a downer this week -- summary: why not me?

[everything is happening -- just not to me]
[you know, perfect job, own two feet, etc]

Bbd is trying (very trying) but there's only so much "there, there, you weren't very well then, and now you're getting better and we can do all kinds of things" you can take, especially when bbd can't find "all the kinds of things"... "but, you're good at cross-stitch, you've got that new kit you wanted... we're going on holiday soon and it will be the best ever..."

Mummyfrog has just added she needs me for handbag, jewellery...

Handbag suddenly seems 210% more difficult -- I thought I had it sorted but I can "only just" get my kit in it, so there is no extra room for anything. If you have seen me shop on holiday... I need anything space. There are not a lot of bag-buying prospects in Dover, especially when you want something with a satchelly flap (because I fancy one) and a zipper because I'd like to have my stuff stay in it and hands stay out of it.

I said something to mummyfrog about buying handbags online, and then remembered that she did that about a month ago. Or rather, bbd did the buying bit.

I really need to back up the Computer from the Black Lagoon -- but all I've been doing on it is [switch on, play sims].