August 27th, 2013

frannie yellow

every time I try to title this post, it sounds stupid and awful

I got a little frustrated at "work" today in an my-boss-is-being-stubborn way. His good idea was not my good idea.

In other news, there are blackberries in the "work" garden, guess where I will be spending my lunch break tomorrow!

Also, I got my refund for the cross-stitch kit that was not as I expected. It didn't resemble the photograph on the website and the colours were massively different from the packaging.

Then, *happy dance* I bought a kit I really do like: Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy. I thought I would never get my hands on one. It was a limited edition and "discontinued". I ordered one from the states (after I figure out that even with postage it would be cheaper than the only UK seller) and that was nixed because they could no longer get it wholesale.

I got it through an Italian on-line needlework shop:

And it turned up a lot cheaper than the only UK option (£50+) and it turned up! Win! Win! Win!

I just got the chart blown up today, and then some gridding, and then Me, It and a Jetplane! It's the official buzzy!holiday project (two weeks to go!).