August 30th, 2013

hugh grin

So, how about this, Luke and Danny

[You've probably heard me ramble on about Power Man and Iron Fist, the slashiest super-hero team since... oh my!]

Anywhichways, I might be easily amused, but this amuses me no end:

Luke and Danny at (Sweet) Christmas

“Everybody makes fun of me because my fist glows. And also because of my shoes. And the rest of my costume. And my name. But mainly the costume. You?”

I still need to make myself an Iron Fist icon.

Gravoc, writer of that post, does some really awesome review/catch-up/fun for Power Man (including all the fishy characters he fights which tend to actually be fishy - Mister Fish and Piranha Jones?) and a really handy (like unto a thing of iron) catch up on Danny's fish-out-of-water career:

Like a Thing Unto Iron… Whatever That Means.

Essential Luke Cage Volume 1: In Black and White… Mostly BlackLuke Cage’s main superpower is walking forward while armed bad guys shit themselves. The difference is that he loses a lot of shirts. Really. Luke Cage goes through more shirts than Bruce Banner.

I still have these fangirl yearnings for Tony Stark setting up a "Support Group" for super-powered multi-millionaires and setting up Danny with Jean-Paul (Beaubier - Northstar) on a date, without telling Danny that his date is a guy, a very out super-powered multi-millionaire.

Let's face it, the sex would be hot and the interaction would be even hotter