September 7th, 2013

hugh house

fail stitching fail stitching fail

(this is my other nice new icon)

Okay, I got myself a new project for the holiday.

This was after a lot of searching and palaver.

I've spent the last week griding it and then I realise that one of the lines is wrong and so the six following rows are wrong.. then I need to remove my ten-stitch steps as one of those was wrong and then...

start the whole thing over

I go *wibble* *wibble* *wibble*

It was really bad and sad and frustrating and angry at myself. It was not a good thing. Mummyfrog suggested putting the thing in a frame and then griding it -- which is not exactly a good idea (it sounds great on paper and pants to do it)

So, I now have about one option:

*Mothball the entire freaking thing I have been so utterly psyched about

*Find something else to stitch

*Try and guess how much stitching I need without running out or getting bored

*The current little project is awesome, but stitched over-one and the lighting in the villa (esp in the eve when I do a lot of stitching) probably won't do anything good on my eyes

I'm just so empty and frustrated -- all the projects I've started lately have all gone wrong in some way or another, so I now have a shed load of unfinished/unfinishable bits of stitching everywhere.

(I'm going to be in Turkey next week -- falling off historical monuments and eating bakalava)