October 10th, 2013

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I'm in here somewhere. I'm just really tired (life tired not sleep tired) right now.

Had school children yesterday, but anything I do say would give away my RL location/job and I'm not up for circumlocution right now.

Otherwise, am feeding the Squid (my notebook) and have been stitching fiddly over-one things instead of what I need to stitch - bbd's big birthday project. I started it for last year's Big Number Birthday and now I am a couple of weeks off this birthday (BNB +1).

I was very excited about the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally, then I finally tracked down tickets (at great expense) and my excitement has been killed dead. This sucks majorly since I've been obsessed (almost) with going ever since I missed last year's event. The website suggests that they are going to yarn bomb a London cab (but that is hardly in the league of when they knitted an entire sailing yacht and surrounding sea, sea-lion and woolly crabs. Woolly Crabs: can anything make you feel better about your place in the universe.

And there is Philipa Turnbull's History of Crewel exhibition: for which my mother is quivering in anticipation. ;-) I like crewel (per se) but I hate crewel wool (it shreds and knots and a source of considerable frustration) it is a highly dysfunctional relationship.

Mummyfrog has nearly run out of her relatives, so she is now starting on bbd's. This is (as we type) causing total and entire trouble. Including trying to find when (or if) my great-grandmother divorced her first husband before marrying bbd's other grandfather.