November 4th, 2013

kowalski dark

Sleepy Tired (And Doctor Who meta stuff) (And the Folly Stuff)

Uhm, not much to report here. Things that suck have kept sucking.

Dosk was watching Battlefield (a Sylvester McCoy 7th Doctor Who story) and besides laughing at the effects (effective but for the wrong reason) there is a lot of a (future) Doctor writing notes to himself and basically setting up everything in retrospect. This is the Arthurian Story (I think every sci-fi show with more that two seasons requires some vague knightly episode) and features (paraphrasing) "Sorry, Doctor, Arthur is really dead. The rest is propaganda. Sorry about that old chap, Doctor" and some other adjustments going on. Plus the local (confused) Arthurian Knight (who was shot from space for some reason) looked at the Doctor and said "Merlin! It's You!".

Now (thinking about this) all of the above makes me think about 11th Doctor, who as we know is unafraid of mucking around with causality and being horribly smug about it (and then the plot device explodes) sounds like an increasingly likely subject. Also, Arthur's tomb has a voice lock set to the Doctor's voice. 7 says he knew this because it was what he would do if he'd done it already. (Tenses and the use of the conditional are among the causalities of time-travel). Also, River (who is normally good at this sort of thing) says she hates fairy stories because "the wizard is always _him_"

Also those handy notes sound really like 11. To the point that when you think them they sound like Matt Smith after slightly too much (delete as applicable).

The chief flaw in this theory is that the (future) Doctor plainly never got it together with Morgana. Although, I'd think any of the Doctor's many (unexpected, unsuspecting) exes might just draw the line at nuclear missiles (maybe).

Oh and in other news, the story was one written by Ben Aaronovitch, who also writes the amazing "Rivers of London" and its sequels. Of course, I read them in the wrong order, but let's leave that alone for now. I'm not sure whether to refer to the books as "the Folly books" or "the Peter Grant Series".

Short version, undervalued police constable ends up interviewing a ghost at a crime scene, gets noticed and is promptly (willingly) dragged into the Met's smallest division. This is the Folly (which is actually the name of a) the building b) the entirity of British wizardry and c) part of the Met by arrangement and all of these is a sort of vague ambiguous way) and at the start of the book it consists of Thomas Nightingale and Molly (who does) rattling around in a very large house in the style of a Victorian Gentlemen's Club (but with some really interesting special features). Now it comprises of Peter, Nightingale and Toby the dog (possibly the only magic-finding sniffer dog) and they all manage to annoy the rest of the Met whenever they (the Met) find their cases have "special" elements.

This misses several key points:

* I think Peter Grant might be my new fictional boyfriend.
* He's a very funny guy and tries to bring a scientific mind (A-level) to the study of magic
* It features the only Muslim-convert Scottish police pathologist and his interesting slides (this is your brain, this is your brain on magic)
* Nightingale is the most kick-ass guy in a Savile Row suit since Patrick McNee
* The big bad writes messages in Tolkien Elvish
* Peter came up with the term "Improvised Demonic Device" but Nightingale won't let him use it.
* Somehow (I blame Peter, Nightingale doesn't understand computers and they are banned from the Folly for a very good reason) they have their own website and Ben Aaronovitch has some really cool google maps on his blog featuring everywhere Peter, Nightingale and Leslie (with Toby the magic sniffer dog) go in their adventures.