November 7th, 2013

fraser: lost boy

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On the cool point: I might get bbd's birthday present done (only one birthday late) and am beading merrily (which is much faster than stitching merrily) which is quite fun except for the bit where the beads won't fit because there are two stitches in the wrong place. Argh!

I had school children yesterday (since they were an afternoon group I got no lunch-break) so I couldn't get out and do all my "town" things. To add to this, the cafe where we have the knit-and-natter has gone under (and the bailiffs have seized the spoons and a substantial amount of "perishable goods" i.e. all the lovely cakes) so now it has moved to a out-of-town-centre location on my normal "work" day. So, not only epic fail, but epic fail with no shopping opportunity and no mummymoney (okay, housekeeping) out of the bank. And it's going to carry on like this (since I have another set of afternoon-shift 12.30 kids next week)

So, fail (and beads).