November 10th, 2013

cross stitch: birdy

Epic Cross Stitch Successful Fail and then just Epic Fail

On the up side: I finally finished bbd's birthday present yesterday! Yay! And Today was his birthday so the present was only 364 days late! It was for his Big Number Birthday last year and today is Big Number Plus One Birthday. It was absolute evil to do for the last two weeks and especially the last four or so days when there was so much beading fail that I had to unpick and unpick and unpick and then run out of thread...

So. Done. Yay!

But today,

Argh! My current little project (a fiddly-ish biscornu) was awful this afternoon -- I managed to stitch a lot (over one - cross stitch people) which came out as about five rows before I realised that I'd missed/skipped five rows.

So. Unpicking. Again. Epic Bonus Fail

I really don't recommend trying to pull out 1mm size stitches under a normal household light-bulb. Really. Do not try this at home.

[if non cross-stitch people want to know (which frankly they don't) stitching "over one" means really tiny stitches. Standard stitching (on linen and such like) normally goes over two warp threads -- this typically results in about 14 stitches per (horizontal) inch -- "over one" (guess what) goes over one warp threads resulting in a stitch a quarter of the size of the normal/typical stitch. This results in about 28 stitches in a (horizontal) inch.Stitching "over one" is hard core]

[now I want to do the maths... My fabric has (over one) 28 weft (vetical) threads per inch so that makes 28 rows of warp stitches per one inch area. So per square inch:

14 x 14 is 196 stitches per square inch (normal size stitches)
28 x 28 is 784 stitches per square inch (tiny "over one" stitches)

[putting it that way, (stitching over one) I might be slightly deranged

[okay, more deranged than usual]