November 15th, 2013

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I am trying to write this post, but I'm finding it a bit difficult.

I went shopping yesterday and bought some things, some of the were Intentional and Good, others were Good but Unintentional and one was What The Fuck Was I Thinking (WTFWIT for short). Intentional shopping included three pairs of jeans (that still need taking up) because I wanted some instant jeans that don't need taking up (as I am not good at doing this) and fit my very short self properly (which still seems impossible). Intentionally (also) I returned the comic trade paper back I'd bought twice and exchanged it for a new Heroes for Hire (I am still looking for the old school Power-Man/Iron Fist option but it seems elusive). Intentionally (again) I turned some waterstone's loyalty points into two Deadpool trades (which I was talking about to hot girl with pink hair on tuesday) and absolutely failed (unintentionally) to chat up the cute skateboard jim-lee-fan guy (you know you've failed when you get to ", I'd love to keep talking to you, but I need to be somewhere else")

Good but Unintentional was a book about beaded canvas work from Oxfam.

WTFWIT is a surprisingly large (gigantic) cross stitch kit which was printed (crazy) and (as it turned out) a Chinese bootleg of dubious quality (from a not-printed original design) and on 11-count (really huge holes) and covers the table. I sort of justified it at the time (when I hadn't twigged about how it would make a nice tablecloth) as something I can stitch when my brain explodes. *head-desk*

I seem to be *head-desk* -ing a lot when it comes to needlework. Because I couldn't stomach more of the over-one (micro miniature) biscornu, I thought something nice, small and easy to stitch was a good thing (especially when brain = fried and lighting =suck) and went with a cover-kit which after about four hours of agonizing stitching (already twice as long as the suggested completion time) and squinting at the chart and the fabric because there were more fractionals than... a lot of them. So lacking anything easier, a slightly brain-dead printed kit seemed a good ish idea for the ow-my-head days. Until it turned out to be ginourmous (spelling pls?) and with a whole stitched background in white... so now I've found another option (my usual standard of complicated and it still has over-one bits) and have ordered myself a lot of dmc very cheaply.

Of course, the cross-stitch corner in the lounge is a bit of a mess and I made the mistake of mentioning this to mummyfrog... of course I couldn't put it away because my world/room/womb is a disaster etc... so am now up to arm-pits in books trying to fit more books onto less bookshelves.

And I could be doing something I like or (failing that) play sims (FYI = 2)