November 17th, 2013

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OM-fucking-G, I've just seen my town in a (print) advertisement.

The -uh, don't we have a fountain like that?! moment has just put my heart in the deep freeze.
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How Buzzy (mis)Spent Her Teens -- Doctor Who Fangirling

I was happily wading through my f-list when I walked in one cesperanza and therienne getting down with the Eighth Doctor. Notably whether the Webiscode suddenly made Doctor 8 canonical or whether he was canonical already.

Doctor 8 / McGann had effectively one episode, a tv-movie that was made in America (because that is where the money was) which sank beneath its own weight of Time-Lord-Babble. It is a matter of debate (ever since) as to whether that counts as a Regeneration of the Doctor or not (some of the hard-old-school were not impressed).

Anywhichways, the Webisode (the Night of the Doctor) is absolutely amazing and if you haven't watched it it is cool and amazing and I love it very much) where he gets to dress Indiana Jones style (if Indy ever owned a beat-up frock coat) and be principled and badass. It also has the Sisterhood of Kahn (completely unrelated there is a real-world gay fan-group of the same name) who get to be creepy and rather evil.

The whole fan-girl conversation of extreme SQUEE about the now definite is her at Cesperanza's
and it is really funny and invokes Queer as Folk.

QaF was written by Russell T Davies (aka Rusty) just so you know.

Then somebody (I'm looking at you Therienne) invoked the Novels:

Therienne: there are like 100 friggin Doctor Who novels out there in the New Adventures series using Paul McGann's face

This is right but also very wrong and needs clarifiction.

As I sprung this on one unfortunate commenter (have I ever said that Explaining Everything is my kink?) so I decided to spring it on you (since you demanded deserve it)

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There are/were a huge number of awesome writers some of whom have written Proper Books.
Ben Aaronovitch -- the Rivers of London guy (my favourite ever tie-in was The Also People otherwise known as like the Culture but where you'd actually like to live in -- serious understatement)
Paul "it's pronounced Mores" Magrs -- written of a lot of real books and the guy who first turned me on (literally) to slash with the disembodied hand hand job.

Also, a lot of production team/ television writers/ special effects guy/ cyberman.