November 18th, 2013

cross stitch: sleeping beauty

i hate it when I let people down --- Do any of you guys stitch Ink Circles designs?

UPDATE: things have got better, other ladies with thread recruited

There's a very nice lady on the cross_stitch comm who really needs some thread to finish up a project. The thread manufacture progress has changed since she bought the kit so she can't just buy some more, add in that this is obscure hand-dyed thread and you've got a sticky wicket. I've offered up my left-overs but when I opened up the Big Box of Fantastic Thread, it became clear that my kit had been short-packed too. Basically, I do not have enough of the floss to finish up her project. This really... I feel like I've failed and strung the lady along.

Short Bit:

Did you do (or bought and haven't done) the Blackstone Fantasy Garden by Ink Circles?

If you did, tell me or contact momma_bird

If I can figure out how to cross-post I will (lj does not love me right now), but otherwise can you boost the signal?

There has to be somebody fannish or otherwise who has done the same darn design.