November 20th, 2013

callum and hugh

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Today, I made a christmas cake. It reminded me what I called that cake last year: the more-fruit-than-cake cake. Of a one kilo cake, there was 750g of fruit and 240g of cake. For americadians, that makes a cake that is over two pounds but three quarters of it is fruit and alcohol.

Yesterday, I had 31 children. The [time period]-Girl-For-A-Day (well, 15 mins) nearly fell through the neckline of the dress. I need appropriate size children, instead I get to wrap shrimps in 3 metres of fleecy fabric. Sometimes, you can just about see the ears. Also, is Blaise a boy's name? (I think I remember something in Harry Potter about that) What I can tell you is (whatever sex) Blaise is very annoying. The kids love CBBC Bake Off (seriously?) so were totally behind my "bricks are thin so they cook through properly". I still manage to get yuechs on touch-table so I must have been doing something right on a day that mostly went wrong.

Tomorrow, returning to the Brain Hospital to see my Scary Consultant -- feedback forms *fail*