November 23rd, 2013

who: punky rose

everybody lives! or same software/new body

I'm really really trying to write something totally un-spoilery:

I really really like 8+1 (or however we are meant to number him)

(So does that mean that the entire numbering system is redundant and we need to re-number Doctors Nine, Ten and Eleven as Doctors Ten, Eleven and Twelve)

So, yes, Doctor 8+1 (or 8.5 or the new number 9) deserves a big hug and a lot of tea. Fortunately, Clara is there to give it to him.

(This proves that she is a Classic Who assistant and not a New Who assistant)

Billie Piper gets to be crazy

(This proves she is not a Classic Who assistant)

There are monsters and scarves and glasses and weird messages from the past/present/future and lots of timey-wimey stuff (this term disgusts 8+1 who thinks the older Doctors should grow up a bit)...

And there is the one that forgets and the one who regrets and the other one.

So, I really really loved this and I have one mysterious gnomic quote [mysterious gnomic quote]same software/new body


Meanwhile, Dosk is doing his Who Fu thing. The Time Telegraph machine was (he says) given to the Brigadier by the Doctor in the (truly awful) Who Computer Game of the late nineties. Using the latest technology (of five years previously) it featured some of the worst 3d modelling on the planet (including the rocking horse of doom*), lousy collision detection and an even worse storyline. The wonders of CD-ROM technology (by which time we were using DVDs) enabled small low-def videos of Anthony Ainley camping it up.

We have it somewhere.

*which was actually meant to be a killer rocking horse)
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