November 29th, 2013

exc: oh dear!

cosplay fail

Okay, yesterday I posted a link to a Day of the Doctor Review of pure fannish glee that brightened up my Day of the Buzzy.

In other news: Mummyfrog is wearing her interesting silk/flock scarf mask for Madame Vastra. The buzzy paper and paint version did not make the cut (it is "too hard to wear glasses under" buzzy suggested making slots for the glasses arms) and is now sitting on the dining room table complete with snazzy paint- and ink- job.

Mummyfrog was desperate to win the Doctor Who Dress Up event at her work, but I think the make-up chaos/fail really took the wind out of her sails. Plus, the guy (who is part of a clique that seems to always choose each other at these events) had apparently bought a very expensive costume from America rather than spend a month sourcing things from charity shops, alternative stores, art and craft suppliers...
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hcl: billy reads

In Leiu of The Laundry: An On-Line Adventure for Bob Howard

Okay, here is something I think you guys will enjoy.

If you have read Charles Stross's Laundry Books, then you might be interested to see a short story (about 16 pages hard copy) featuring... you know what is featuring... mummy?

Down At The Farm hmtl version

If you haven't read Charles Stross' Laundry Books, get the Atrocity Archive and read it.

Then come back.

If you liked Rivers of London and want to Never Touch Your Computer Again...

Or will Never Touch You Computer again without a PDA and some seriously weird macros...

...this is your book

Tor (the publishers) will want me to say that any book you buy and download from them is drm-free and yours to "lend" or "give" to friends. They are very nice people.

Tor are also offering this as drm-free download thing for your devices.