December 3rd, 2013

hugh house

mother, mother, i feel sick...

...send for the doctor quick, quick, quick

Random going around the internet -- seriously are American school lunches like this?*

I finally know what a corn dog is - I wouldn't feed it to a real dog.

Ugh! That has put me off my penguin (australians, try tam-tams).

I think Jamie Oliver has nothing to worry about.**

My [high] school did very nicely on the food front until a new contractor was bought in by the local authority types -- the staff agreed that the new food was vile and uneatable. Allegedly healthier because it made you want to eat less]

Apparently, one of our museum pixies says they have salad bars and a sixth-form bistro. She doesn't see why proper food like suet-based jam-roly-poly is healthy and a great fuel for growing girls. I want my jam-roly-poly back please. And custard. And, if I have to eat something sensible, sausages and onions, peas and mashed potatoes. Young people of today are missing out terribly.

Perhaps, Jamie Oliver could feature it in his good school meal campaign -- scratch cooked and containing valuable calories and vitamins. Peas = vegetables. Jam = fruit. Custard = dairy. Potatoes= carbohydrates. Sausages = protein. Actually, that sounds rather good and it covers all your food groups.

Take that, Salad Bar!!

*the writer has an interesting definition of "around the world" -- the world is made of korea, japan and the united states.
** television celebrity chef and school meals advocate -- also, sells lots of cookery books and is "the face" of Sainsbury supermarkets. Very keen on the message that healthy food is easy from scratch and employing/training disadvantaged kids as chefs at his outreach restaurants. Bouncy. Enthusiastic. Hard to ignore.