December 5th, 2013

ckr: fear is negotiable

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Hello there. I had two days of serious brane!hate and now a day of genuine goodness.

Although, you know about the buzzy-proof cake recipe? It is no longer buzzy-proof -- it came out of the mixing bowl in one very homogeneous lump and didn't want to fit the (carefully prepared) cake tin. I take a lot of pride in being the most awesome cake tin liner in the known universe. I have a system. On the up side (just about maybe) it made it much easier to take the lump out and deposit on scales and try and work out what went wrong. The result (after being squelched into a little pyrex by bbd) came out rather crunchy around the outside and very dry and crumby inside. You know you've messed up once mummyfrog says " least it's edible".

Thinking about it, that was better than the half-baked pasta bake I bought back from cooking class (domestic science, food technology YMMV) which was promptly installed in the bin. Which was a very sensible idea.

I didn't want to eat it either.