December 6th, 2013

exc: oh rats!

cake fail / thread fail

Apparently, I have been (nicely) banned from making more christmas cakes for the duration.


Mummyfrog doesn't know where to put them (answer: inside bbd).

Also, I need to get my skates on and do something about EQ's xmas present. I had been working on a biscornu but I needed to wait on some thread, nearly four weeks later... and I'm fucked. I'd been hanging off doing more in anticipation on blitzing it when it came and then it began to slip under all the other xmas related stuff (I am yet to buy anyone's present) and so on... get reminded by bbd, send three increasingly curious emails with no reply. I've since found out (independently) that the company manfuacturing the stuff has cahnged ownership and if that's the case (about the thread) then I'd totally understand and be cool about it... but nothing

And now I've lost four weeks of valuable stitching time and need to start over with something smaller and faster (which I am yet to find) and this is epic fail.

P.S. I know what is wrong with the cake. bbd and I were too busy trying to work out what 1/3 of a pint looked like we forgot the other 1 pint of water. *fail*

yesterday's cake is rather crunchy