December 25th, 2013

hugh house

Merry Christmas (and highlights of Pratchett and Who)

Merry Christmas!

1) Am reading "Rising Steam" and it is definitely a must-read-previous-book book. And seriously? There is enough plot in there to sink a rather large ship. Also, hell, there are cross-references by the ooodle - I had to (mentally) keep dashing too- and fro- the earlier books. Not to say they are crucial (they're not) but there are those bits where (previously) minor characters suddenly become the centre of the action. In "Snuff" it was hard enough to work out that [blank] was the same [blank] who turns up for five minutes in "Jingo" and if you ever wanted to see more of the "Thud" cast and (better by far) some incidentally crucial figures turn up smelling of roses.

I haven't finished yet, so spoilers not appreciated.

2) Have seen the new Who and it was good but not as good as "Name Of the Doctor" or "Day of the ibid" or but it made a lot of sense and was suitably Christmas but not overwhelmingly so. Handles is currently adorable, [better safe than spoilly ]somewhere between an improvised K9 substitute (he snarks) and seems to enjoy a) annoying the Doctor and b) landing the Doctor in trouble. He also reminds me of Handroid Rory in the Two Streams future inhabited by the Older Amy - desperate for contact with somebody, anybody, whatever substitute they can make. Marker pen or disembodied head, the answer is yours. And of course, it makes Hartnell's old age explicable (and again, with Tennant at the Air Base) and touching. "This body of mine is wearing thin..."

3) Oh, and that's how they explained it

4) Hello, depressing depression I have (not) missed you so long. *slump*

5) after a lack of motivation, I finally want to stitch things again, I just want to stitch everything all at once. And I has a nifty pin cushion from EQ.