July 5th, 2017

hugh huh (twitch)

The Archaeologists On Mars Return

[okay, back to "work" for buzzy -- very Archaeologists On Mars]

Newbie [17] : It's XP. I've never used XP before.


Newbie [17] : Why has it got a floppy drive? who uses a floppy drive?

Buzzy : us.

Elvis has been training Newbie to use the office computer. There are no words.

[ I work at a charity-run museum run by some "vintage" archaeologists who have never got out of the 1970s - it is a strange world where girls do the typing and make tea and ONL is still the bright burning light of experimental cutting-edge bad-ass archaeology - he was one of the first guys to use heavy plant (a la time team) to get to the archaeology]

ETA: I had to point out that this is the upgraded version of our office. Apparently he really freaked when he saw it for the first time.