November 21st, 2017

ckr: fear is negotiable

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Swimming around in circles here. COYA/CYOA/DSES

Just can't get my head around any of them really. That and not sure story do-able in COYA format and I just can't get no satisfaction with the DSES. Plus, each of them are using the same starter and that is confusing me even more. :-(

I have so many folders of random files in random versions of the project that everything is getting away from me.

Up point: my new shrink-pills seem to have nixed my night-time issues already!

ETA: would a literary agent have her own PA? [like I need more peeps] Then Anna can get her to do things behind the agent's back which removes a hell of a lot of the "why didn't you say that?" and the impression that the agent knew exactly what was going on with the Secret Meeting of the Tersson clan.