little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

I hate life.

  1. I have a migraine (still).

  2. I cannot go see Serenity with Tracey. I have the i.q. of a stunted hamster. Buying a sandwich halfway up my street is hard work. Can you image how tortously difficult getting to Leicester Sqr will be?


  3. Of course, in honour of my migraine, somebody is playing the theme to the OC really really pick-out-the-lyrics-eveen-in-the-quiet-bits loud.


  4. Is murder really illegal, can I plead diminished responcibility?

  5. bbd thinks "You need to go to the doctor"

  6. I need to quit getting very very distracted by fiction challenges. Like this one: The Creature Crack Challenge

  7. That's because Stella goes on holiday and dumps her talking cat on RayK seems such a good idea.

  8. And if you want a fic linked to the title of this post; may I cordially suggest Speranza's Scrabble?
    You will need to choose the format to suit your browser.
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