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For Reasons Not To Be Explored At This Juncture...

Emboldened by my sucess with making a new pretty header, and not being all together in sound mind (having been driven round the bend by the "musical" idiots here in the Dorm Of Reasonable Comfort, I made wallpaper.

due South Wallpaper.

"You Must Remember This" Wallpaper

From lozenger8's lovely Fraser/Vecchio picspam on ds_recs, as if writing dialogue from Fraser and both Rays in the Andean mountains wearing ponchoes (our heroes, not the mountains) was not proof enough of my insanity.

I'll try and generate an itty bitty thumbnail to put on top, so you can all see later. And I'll also try and figure out some text... at some juncture.

baby thumbnail

Oh, and will somebody tell me if I'm meant to sign this or mark it in someway? I know skater_g8er does.

Okay, the thing itself is 1280x1024 and 700-ish k worth of jpg.

ETA: And here's the baby thumb of the first text cut:

I'm going to checl out another text option now. I have the vanilla one on my desktop right now.
Tags: due south, fangirling, fangirling., paul gross, photoshop, squee, wallpaper

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