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Zombie Romance Commentfic

Apparently, both cycnus39 and maryavatar think my new wallpaper has zombie!Fraser in it, and Mary said "Yep, definitely scary zombie!Fraser. Which needs to be immortalised in fiction so badly ;)". So I did

"Hey, Benny, how you doing in hospital? Do you want anything?"


"Okay, concusion, I can deal. You sure you want to eat the food, it's horrible and cold? Then again, given what you put in your mouth..."


"Yeah, and blubber, and lichen, and raw seal..."


"Okay, and raw seal brains."


"Benny, you're looking at me kind of funny."


"Fuck, that's a short robe. Who do they make these things for, the seven dwarfs? Benny, are you trying to tell me something? 'Cause, yeah, this is kind of hard to say, and..."


"Hugging's good, Benny, just let me breathe a bit. Anyway Benny, I love you, and yeah, if you want me back, you can have anything you want..."


"Oh fuck."

... weird noises...

"I never thought you'd be interested in my mind... and, oh, christ, I'm gonna die, eaten by my partner stroke secret crush, movie at eleven"


... weird slurping noises...


"Yeah, Brains"

Suffice to say, I'll boot up the black box early tomorrow and get a faceful of undead Fraser...
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