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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Bad/Good or Good/Bad? You Decide.

Bad/Good or Good/Bad? You Decide.

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hugh house
Because I'm home, the gay cowboys on ice thing that spirals around my f-list is uh, unaccessable.

However, I did see Wild Wild West and god, that is a very very very gay cowboy movie. It might not be art, but the innuendo was endless.

ETA: Cowboys on Ice seems to be a YouSendIt, so I doubt I could even hit it in college, because file sharing gets you in trouble, because it is the evol.

  • I believe the song "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow UYp To Be Cowboys" has some great lines about how men have needs and only each other at one point.

    Did you ever read the Rawhide Kid series from Marvel that basicly outed the character once and for all? Apparently Stan Lee had decided early on that Percival Pinkerton of Sgt Fury's Howlling Commandos was flaming as well as howling, but knew he could never put it into a 1960's comic.

    • I bought all off and was disappointed with the lame Are You Being Served innuendo, or more specifically that and that it was as shallow as a puddle. Fun but shallow.

      • It was really poorly written, that one. Lots of hype and little meat. Very disappointing.

        In completely unrelated news, Marvel has added a character wikipedia to its company site. Yes, they've finally sussed to the fact that most of the fan-base is of a "If you put it there, they will fill it up" mindset. They have announced Message Boards there, soon, too.

        Lastly - have you checked out the Online Appendix To The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, yet? *Tons* of fanfic ideas just waiting to be snagged like richly shining beautiful pearls, hun.

        Hope your head is doing well this evening...

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