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Dr Who For Americans! On SciFi Channel! Watch It!

Source: This Week In Dr Who

USA - SciFi is beginning to advertise the upcoming stateside launch of Doctor Who. Text notices about the premiere were spotted during the Tuesday February 21 broadcast of Passions on Sci-Fi (episode 7, Timmy goes on sale in a fair and Tabitha dresses up as a fortune teller, if you're a longtime Passions viewer). A 15 second ad focusing on the mystery of the character started airing on Wednesday February 22. This ad did not mention the series by name but had a fair number of clips - it is also on the SciFi website. On Friday February 24 the Doctor Who mini-site went live. It is heavily flash intensive, so it loads slowly on some machines. It has a lot of Doctor Who information. Sci-Fi also redid their launch plans, deciding to have a 2 hour premiere for Doctor Who instead of the original 1 hour launch. It was unclear as of this writing if Sci-Fi will edit Rose and The End Of The World together like they did with the Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis series premieres (Battlestar Galactica was clearly 2 unrelated episodes that happened to be sequential) or if they will air as separate episodes. Thomas Vitale of the Sci-Fi Channel will be on Sci-Fi Overdrive on the weekend of March 10 to discuss the launch of Doctor Who and other 2006 programming.

The new premiere plan:
All Times Eastern (adjust for local time and East Coast Feed vs. West Coast Feed)

Friday March 17:
9PM Rose
10PM The End Of The World
11PM Rose
Midnight The End Of The World

Sunday March 19:
11PM Rose
Midnight The End Of The World

Friday March 24:
8PM The End Of The World (special repeat)
9PM The Unquiet Dead
Midnight The Unquiet Dead

Sunday March 26:
Midnight The Unquiet Dead (special time - Sunday movie runs long)

As of March 31, Doctor Who firmly settles into its regular time slots. Fridays at 9PM and Midnight Eastern, Sundays at 11PM Eastern. Yes, the Sunday time is a regular timeslot. So, if you are at work on Friday night or otherwise unable to watch, you can catch the Sunday edition. Since the episodes air twice on Friday, if your only problem watching on Friday is that it'll conflict with other TV shows you want to see (WWE Smackdown, Las Vegas, Close To Home, Reba), just watch the broadcast that does not conflict with the show you want to see. If you have DirecTV or Dish Network, you have the East Coast version of SciFi no matter where you live in the US - so 9PM Eastern is 6PM Pacific, 11PM Eastern is 8PM Pacific, and Midnight is 9PM Pacific - could be relevant in avoiding schedule conflicts with other channels/plans to go out.

Hell. "Rose" (the episode, not the companion, though she's pretty nifty too) is really quite good. Will make any small children terrified of trash cans. "End of the World" was kind of meh, but it was spectacular meh (that's my opinion anyway), but it was also shiny and will appeal to the Star Wars fans out there. Plus it introduces That Damn Space Station.

The sad news is that Jack only turns up later in the series, "The Empty Child" to be precise, and now that's an episode to traumatise the offspring with. All together now: "are you my muh- my?"

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