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Real Person Fiction aka little-b goes to special hell

Please be aware that the "Callum", "Paul", "Dean" and "Hugh", and the "mountie show" some of them are working on, are not true representations of Mssrs Rennie, Gross, McDermott and Dillon, indeed they are merely portmanteau figures for my diseased mind and no offence is intended

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My only defence is that most of this was written to amuse my f-list, honest.

Methodology of Escapology"
Gen, Callum accidentally cuffs himself to a fence,
...well, now he was cuffed, firmly, securely, professionally, to the chain-link fence behind Paul's fucking trailer...

this was written for joandarck as appeasment for a terrible deed, as was its sequel:

Loves Cheese
In which Dean McDermott gets into the picture, and yet, it's still gen!

But then I wrote:
The Untitled Rodeo RPS thing
which is Callum/Paul/Dean and features:
"how the west was won, as recreated with Callum's hot tight ass and a lot of rope"

Porn, obviously.

Callum and the Mantis of Doom
Written for helleboredoll, PG13 and Callum/Doll, maybe.

Other Boyfriends
For isiscolo. It's cute, it's fluffy, it's serial killer Callum with Callum/Paul and Callum/Hugh.

Two Pieces written for bonspiel's birthday
The Lamest Bit Of RPF in the Entire World
Real Person Slash(er Movie, Almost)
In which Hugh discovers RPS and Callum gets annoyed and removes his clothes, before inventing a new form of yoga.

3400 words of Hugh/Callum porn written for _unhurt_ in responce to Hugh's head's depiliation.

Control Issues
Hugh/Callum bondage ficlet, written for _unhurt_ who is an enabler.

Paint, Art and Truth
2000 words of Hugh/Callum angst with painting and bondage porn and hugging.

Without A Sound
Hugh/Callum NC17 written for _unhurt_ in which Hugh is weird shit .

Cold Hands, Warm Heart
More rodeo!verse mayhem, written for lipstickcat, featuring non-con-ish Callum/Dean/Paul porn.

Macavity and Achievable Nirvana
Two pieces of Hugh gen featuring interior decorating, among other things.

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