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Dr Who Fanfiction

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Due South crossover: Fries With That?
RayK/Jack preslash with Jack stuck in Chicago in a very small pair of shorts, psychic paper. 2500 words, all told. Written for mondschein1

Do Not Stand...
Gen. Jack Harkness, life and loss, and the faintest kiss of destiny.
Okay, it's Whofic as written by an oldskool fangirl, you are not expected to pick up the strange references.

Authority crossover thing Death Is Just A Dream: somewhere betwen heaven and hell - Cardif 2006
Jack-centric gen crossover with an AU take on the Authority. Jack Harkness meets an old friend while he's dead, and tries to find her when he returns to life. The problem is he's looking for a dead woman. c6500 words

The massive ficlet post
4. For shadowkitty, Dr Who, the secret origin of Jack.
12. For shadowkitty Jack Harkness and the Killer Bunnies of Jupiter.
13. For shadowkitty New Who - Buffy crossover.

The not so massive ficlet post
Statistics for shadowkitty
Romana wants to know why it's always her fault, the Doctor and K9 oblige.

Doctor Who is copyright of the British Broadcasting Corporation 1963 and 1996. The Daleks are the intellectual property of the estate of Terry Nation. No money is being made of this, and it only encourages the waverers to buy more boxsets. Okay?

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