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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Return of the Flat Penguin

Return of the Flat Penguin

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hugh house
I am not in my happy place.

From where I'm standing my immediate future looks fucking terrifying.

It's unlikely to turn into fucking terrapins.

If you want to know it began with headache and ended with me working out how much latin poetry I have to learn for the 8th (2300 ish lines) and how only 3% of that will appear on the translation paper and probabilities and shit.

I am not happy, hence gratuitous swearing.

And my parents think I have a lack of confidence problem.

No, I have a being a bloody realist problem here.

(Okay, Love Elegy was a bad choice of course, made before the headaches didn't Get Better Over The Summer and then continued to not get better for the subsequent year; hence a course involving concentration, time, and a working memory...)

I want to jump off things now.

I suppose I'm going to bed.
  • argh. finals are a horror at the best of times. (and from experience, well-meaning parental intervention & advice really does not necessarily help.) jeez, poor small b and b's brain. and all i can offer is internet sympathy. :(

  • Hope you feel better when you wake up. Sorry things are so rough right now. *hug*
  • Things look better in the morning. I give you icon to cheer you up

  • hmm. Mir and I are debating -- are you allowed a dictionary?

    (because I think you're going to be just fine. Honest. You really sound like you know your stuff. Plus? use the super-secret tool to summon Hypatia's spirit. Sheppard -or- Alexandrina. Whichever. :)

    *hugs and banishes headache for a moment* feel better, sweetheart. I feel confident you will be -FINE.-
    • No dictionaries.

      The problem is I don't know the stuff, the homework got et by the headaches. So, a lot of this stuff is first-time-acquaintance-with-the-material.

      • Ugh.

        At least you have medical documentation about the headaches: you'd be surprised how many undergraduates -don't.- And then get -really- screwed.

        *hug* hope you feel better, love.
  • I hurt for you, I really do. You're just such a cool little phenomenon and it's so FREAKING UNFAIR about the headaches.
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