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The Great Crisp Controvesey

I have just been reliably informed that there is no such thing as meat-flavoured-crisps in the U.S.A. Just cheese and salted. My mind hasn't stop boggling since.

Imagine, a world without roast chicken flavour crisps. I mean, roast chicken, the perfect crisp flavour is unknown in the Land of the Free.

And it's not just chicken. No beef and onion. No smokey bacon frazzles. These are the building blocks my childhood was made of. Simple vanilla crisp flavours. (maybe not the best choice of words)

No Prawn Cocktail to avoid like the plague.

And those are just the basic flavours. What of Lamb and Mint, Panfried Sausage, Turkey and Stuffing, Thai Sweet Chilli, Red Onion And Cheddar, Keebab, Honey Roast Ham, Pickled Onion(guaranteed to lose you a date), Nice and Spicy, Chicken and Thyme, Pepper Steak...

Americans rise up now and demand decent snack foods now.

My friend Elizabeth claims the variety of microwave popcorn found in the states compensates for this cruelty. It does not. Popcorn. Blergh!

How can my American uni buddies ever face going home, after the true potential of the potato chip has been revealed to them?
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