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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Sentinel Fanfiction

Sentinel Fanfiction

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hugh house
A very tentative forray into the Sentinel, as documented in a list of fics of the Sentinel Variety.

House Rules, how they help and hinder positive social behaviours.

Unrequited Blair/Jim
966 words Pg-13 stroke R. Written for the house rules challenge on sentinel_thurs.
The fact he’d never Sentinel-tested hair gels and sprays wasn’t as big an issue as it probably would have been if Jim wasn’t on the other side of the casino, standing at a door and looking dangerous. It wasn’t as if he used them, well, he used some stuff Naomi had bought him, but it was all organic and had recognisable ingredients

The Limits Of Perception

"The Psychic Universe"

Everything Explained, Problems Solved
Gen, PG-13 1550 words. Written for the AU challenge on sentinel_thurs.
Simon had clapped him on the back and said it was hard luck and whispered that Jim was the best detective that he had ever had and would fight them tooth and claw to get him back in Major Crimes with Brown and Rafe and the boys. Jim had told him not to bother, it was clear somebody with a lot of clout wanted him gone.

Visitations, Visions and Alarums
Gen, PG-13, 760 words. Written for the AU challenge on sentinel_thurs.
...no she doesn’t want tea. It’s not as if the tea knows. He says, thank god, he drinks too much tea in this job and he tried decaf but it tasted off. Then she adds the words that twist his heart. It’s not as if the power’s in the tea, is it, she says, it’s in you, young man.

Truths, Confessions, And Lies
Gen, PG-13, 1223 words. Written for the AU and the Midnight Confession challenges on sentinel_thurs
Jim is still not sure how he got here, how Jim Ellison went from crack commando to playing psychic. He knows it’s a lie. The voices don’t talk to him, the dead never come to him, however much he wants them to, however much he wants to see them, his mother, Santiago and the rest of his team, so many of them. He’s a quack, a liar. He’s taking in money from all these lonely people desperate to know… and he isn’t what he says he is at all.

Shorter Fiction

Elevators, zoning and bliss, gen.

In a world without a Blair, who is there to catch Jim as he falls?

Plot Summaries of Unaddulterated Silliness
Jim/Blair slash with instant graves and instant mashed potato and WOE (women of evil)
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