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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

More Meta, Not Mine, Who Sexuality (again)

More Meta, Not Mine, Who Sexuality (again)

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hugh house
Okay, over on ars_divina the lovely ruggedly handsome issi_noho pointed me to an alternative construction of the Doctor's sexuality, which is only mildly spoilerific for the American audience:

No Sex, Please, We're Gallifreyan
  • I'd prefer to be described as 'ruggedly handsome'.
  • Thanks for the link to the article! Interesting!

    Not spoiled because I already saw the kiss on someone's vid. I hadn't seen Dr. Who since the Fifth Doctor regenerated as the Sixth--and then American TV didn't get any more Who for a year or more and I lost track. And yes, I know that was about twenty years ago. Don't remind me. :)

    Anyway, so I recently saw this new Who. And I was cheering! It's great. It's what they probably wished it to be back when the state of British TV production was...ick.
    • That you didn't see anything after the fifth doesn't surprise me, that was when the show started hitting serious production problems and even got taken off air for a year.

      It's very shiny, isn't it?
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