little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

brain = dead

Today I am dead and full of triptans. Also, my equilibrium is... interesting. It says everything is moving, my eyes say it isn't.

I have watched lots of Firefly today. I bought the disks from Smiths, and they were shiny and cheap: 13.99 in sale and ten quid token = happy b. Juddering on disks = less happy b.

bbd seems to like it. But then, bbd also likes Relic Hunter and kept putting the Legend of King Tut on. (the LoKT is one of the best reasons not to get Sky, it is appalling and horribly long and like a frankenmovie).

And anyway, brain = dead so not talking much, am babbling and incomprehensible.

Also, HCL people, there should be a vid to Nickles for Your Nightmares and it should be horrible and hallucinatory.

Was productive earlier, currently everything sloping to the left.
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