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Hawking The Wind

Okay, yesterday I went to the Doctor's in town and got the verdict that the abdo pain is probably a muscle spasm somewhere in my bowel. How lovely. I think I am turning into Violet Beauregarde, if I swell up any more I'll be totally round. Nothing fits. Waah.

I also finally had a decko in the local independent music store (yes, Dover has a local indie record shop, weird. Mind it's not as if it has any competition save the music depts of Smiths and Woolies and they try to thrust Robbie Williams down our collective throats and, yeah, it's all pretty much top forty) Letsbuysomemusic (Worthington St, Dover 226100, hey, the guy needs the custom, not that any of you are in Dover or anything) and got myself some music. Woot. Hawkwind* albums like seven fucking quid cheaper than London is what I call a result. So what do I have?
  • Hawkwind: In Search Of Space
  • Hawkwind: Hall Of The Mountain Grill
  • Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
  • The Hives: Barely Legal

Yes, 99% of the time I live in a timewarp, the other 1% of the time I listen to weird scandanavian bands (note to self: listen to Icelandic Trance Band Album TEO gave me) and weird canadian bands. Storeguy faintly confused by the idea of a Hawkwind fan under 40, pointed out that I listened to my dad's stuff, and sure enough bbd has looked at the cds and gone, "I have that" which is fine, but he means on vinyl and I don't actually even remember us having a turntable for the damn things.

Oh, and today we gained the_dosk he likes his t-shirt. Result! I am two by two on birthday presents people actually like! I got mumness' long delayed present yesterday: an Izzy cd. Yay indie record shops!

I wish I still had my Hawkwind Icon. *is sad* *settles for Catherine and Una from Jerry Cornelius*

* okay Hawkwind still exists but only to issue horrible tree huggy albums with only two of the old band involved. What you need to know is that it's the sort of music bbd describes it as "headbanging" (don't giggle, he is fortuitious enough not to have been exposed to metallica et al) and experimental rock from the days when you could do a song 15:19 long. The one song from Hawkwind you're guaranteed to be familiar with (if only from car adverts) is Silver Macchine. Which is sad, because more people need exposure to Sonic Attack (do not use organic limbs, use your wheels) a song about a weapon that causes mass simultaneous orgasms. Yeah, the one tazzio couldn't believe I listen to. Oh, and at some points, they had Michael Moorcock in the line up. I ♥ Moorcock. You can blame my father for that one too. I was reading Jerry Cornelius at 14.
Tags: let's do the timewarp, moorcock, music

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