little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Hey! Tora! (and other Sky/Cable-less Brits)

The BBC has finally bought Mythbusters! It's on Thursday at 7.30pm.

It's a bit like Top Gear with Special Effects Guys. In the "wildly irresponcible guys testing things to destruction" sense. This week's big myth is one about pennies being dropped off skyscrapers and killing people. There's also something about exploding toilets.

Oh, and Jamie and Adam are very cute/adorable, even if Adam might qualify as a little disturbed. The way to tell them apart is Jamie has The Moustache. And yes, The Moustache deserves capital letters.

Link to official site: linky go boom!

Oh, and it's the show that repeatedly proves which bits of dS physics really really don't work. And provides some deeply weird trivia too!

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