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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Now, this? Is interesting

Now, this? Is interesting

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hugh house
Myths Over Miami
About stories told by street children in Miami and across America. Including ones about Bloody Mary and the Blue Lady. Interesting as hell, if slightly disturbing.

I know shadowkitty and karra will like it, at any rate.
  • That's really sad. But it's cool the way stories evolve like that.
    • I got it!

      Am now writing an Authority-Jack Harkness x-over.
      • Would that be Jack/Jack, Jack/Doctor, or Jack/girl with union jack Tshirt?
        • No, it's gen.

          It started off with the belief that Jenny would probably fry Jack if he hit on her.

          The whole thing has ended up with dead!Jack meeting dead!Jenny on the other side before he gets pulled back...

          Jennydoll is in the box with Doctordoll and Jackdoll right now.
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