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Once you put my output like this, it becomes very very scary. Sure there are short bits, but still, argh! Plus, this list took way too long to generate. Really, like an hour too long. I considered linking everything for a grand total of half an hour. I'm missing some of the dS drabbles, just because... this took forever and ever and ever. I might put them in later, once I've recovered.

Hell, I'm sure I can say something deep about how multifannish I am. I even provided a key to the fandoms. I need help. Or Pimm's.

AAliens (not quite) Made Them Do It (dS)
The Amazing Tale Of Ray And Ray And Renfield (dS)
August (dS)
CCall My Name (nm)
Callum and the Mantis Of Doom (rps)
Canadian Cream Tea (dS drabblet)
Compliments (dS drabblet)
Control Issues (rps)
Constable Renfield Turnbull's RCMP Diary (dS)
Cravings (x drabblet)
A Criminal Genius Amok In London (dS)
DDance (dS)
Death Is Just A Dream (WIP Torchwood-Authority x-over)
Do Not Stand (Who)
Do You Get Gooseberries In Canada? (dS)
The Drowning Men (x:vamp)
EEpisodic Romance (WIP, the BFP)
Everything Explained, Problems Solved (SenAU)
FA Fire In My Blood (x drabblet)
The Five Epiphanies of Stanley Raymond Kowalski (dS)
Five Ways TJ Has Met Her Father And One Way She Hasn't (Yet) (x/exc)
Fortitude (dS)
Fries With That? (Who-dS x-over)
Frozen Penguin Seeks Agony UncleAunt (dS)
The Futility Of Duty (dS)
GGold Gash Vermillion (dS drabblet)
HHappy Homecomings (x (dead)wip, also in french by altheak)
House Rules, how they help and hinder positive social behaviours (sen)
Hope Springs (dS)
IThe Illinois Roadkill Cookbook (dS)
The Illusion Of Reality (ds)
I wish I were a hunter (dS)
JJack Harkness And the killer bunnies of Jupiter (Who drabblet)
LThe Lamest Bit Of RPF in the Entire World (rpf?)
Last Thoughts Of A Dying Canadian Speedster (dS)
Legacy (Who drabblet)
Leibe Wanda! Was Hast du noch getan? (x/marvel)
Loves Cheese (rpf)
Lust At Second Sight (x:vamp)
MMovie Night (auth)
The Mermaids Are Singing (dS)
Methodology Of Escapology (rpf)
Monsters (dS drabblet)
Moving Pictures (dS)
NNever Christmas (dS)
Night Shift (exc)
No Kind of Normal (dS)
OThe Ones You Love (auth)
Once Bitten (X:vamp)
Other Boyfriends (rps)
Orpheus Returns (x)
PPaint, Art, Truth (rps)
Perfect Day (x)
Perfection Is The Price (dS drabblet)
Philately (dS)
Pointilism (sen)
Procedure (dS)
RReal Person Slasher Movie (almost) (rps)
The Rodeo RPS thing (rps)
Roses Mixed With Blood (X:vamp)
SSidetrip to the Hellmouth (Who-Buffy x-over drabblet)
So Different From His Normal Brand (auth)
Something In The Water (dS)
Sometimes Ideas Just Bite You And They Don't Let Go
The Song Of The Heir Of Destiny (X (dead)WIP)
Square of the Hippopotamus (dS)
Statistics (Who drabble)
Subliminal Messaging in the Use of Comforters in the Twentieth Century (dS)
Sun, Sea, Surf and Sarcasm (x (dead)WIP)
Sunbeams out of Cucumbers but the Process Is Tedious (dS)
Superunderpants Last All Summer Long (SGA)
TTangles (rps)
Taste (dS)
13:13 (dS drabblet)
Three Times Three Angels Falling From Grace (dS)
Three Men In The Snow (dS)
Truth, Justice and the Canadian Way (dS-AG x-over)
Truths, Confessions, And Lies (senAU)
Turnabout Is Fair Play (dS drabblet)
Twice Shy (X:vamp)
Two Men In A Cabin (dS)
UUnnamed Asimov Homage(dS)
Untitled Authority Fragment (auth)
Untitled Sentinel Ficlet (sen)
The Untouchables (dS)
VValentine's Mourning (x)
Visitations, Visions and Alarums (SenAU)
WWhy We Do The Things That We Do (nm)
Window To The Soul (dS)
Without A Sound (RPS)
YYour hypothesis was in error, but your error was in voicing your hypothesis, which was, as I have stated, erroneous. (dS)
ZZombie Romance (dS drabblet)

Fandoms: AG= American Gods, Auth= Authority, BFP= big fannish project, drabblet= short, dS=due South, exc= excalibur, marvel= marvel universe, nm= New Mutants, RPF= real person fiction, RPS=real person slash, SGA=Stargate Atlantis, Sen= The Sentinel, SenAU= Limits of Perception, the Psychic AU, Who= Doctor Who, X=x-men, X:vamp= X-men Vampire AU,

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