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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Which X-Men Character Will Seduce You? by emeraldblue Your…

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hugh house
Which X-Men Character Will Seduce You?
by emeraldblue
Your Name
Favorite Color
You will be seduced byJean
They willpropose marriage
Wearinga sparkly red dress
And your evening will involvewhipped cream
Quiz created with MemeGen!

All together now: Urghhhhhh!
And to think: I'd put in my ljname and got magneto and switched to get a better result. Come back, mags all is forgiven.

Okay, I'm mentally going to write all this meme nonsense off as research so here are my disturbing conclusions. These meme-people are overly obsessed with sex, harry potter (eg. your harry potter foursome - excuse me while my brain throws up), orlando bloom, good charlotte, dom somebody-or-other, suicide, yugioh and are all goths and about fourteen years old.
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