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My icon shows what happens when you muddle up Axe with spray fixative.

Many things have happened since I last typed at you.

For starters (i.e. most recently) I got my computer into my bedroom, which is no longer the_dosk's den of computing. (before _unhurt_ gets all excited, this means I am now in the room next to the sleeping mummyfrog rather than under it)

I also have my dinky keyboard back, but am finding it a strain since I've had the whole summer to get used to bbd's regular but ergonomic model. Which means that I keep hitting the wrong keys and have to really concentrate.

I will try and get a "dear Santa" up for whoever my dS seekrit santa is soon.

(Brits, Axe= Lynx; people familiar with neither substitute whatever your local teeage boys douse themselves in thinking it is a substitute for regualr bathing and will instantly attract to them Real Girls possibly with boobies)

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