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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Wordcount Time

Wordcount Time

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vecchio: study hard
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26,400 / 36,000

Again, I'm not reqally sure how accurate the target figure is. Particularly since the writing's been getting kind of meaty. I probably should send it off to beta again, just to see how it's figuring for readability etc. I want this to be totally amazing and part of me worries that there is just so much damn plot.
  • Just for fun, I did a tag search to see your other posts, and saw that you originally had bfp at 16,000 words! Hee, it's funny how things expand, isn't it.

    For me, I sort of "know" that things are going to be long vs short, but that's about it. I had thought Across the Great Divide might be 12,000, and it clocked in at 16,000. Clarke's Law was another one that expanded in the writing like whoa.

    My current dS story just topped 20,000 - I knew some time ago that it was likely to be the longest story I've written (my longest so far is 23,000) but I have just been guessing at its likely length and basically only wave my hands and say, "um, long?"
    • I really have very little experience at writing long.

      (I considered my last Seekrit Santa fic long at 9000 words.)

      It's slightly weirding me out as this is seriously the longest thing I have written period, and all I seem to do when I meet one target is to double it, and at this rate, exponential growth is so not a good method of estimation. I am putting a hell of a lot more effort into making the background plot work, I'm just worried that I might be taking things a bit too seriously now.

      Strangely, my last "longest ever fic" also had an incredibly expanding plot, but more on the "cool shiny" subplot front, which is why it is known as "why I shall never write post things in installment ever again." It was way too detrimental to my sanity.
      • Yeah, it's weird to me that when I'm starting a story it seems such an effort to get it up above 1000 words, but when I have lots of words in my file it just kind of grows without me doing much typing at all, it seems!
        • Well, I've lumped on about 500 words since the post. Admittedly, not very exciting words. (Ray's behaving like a good cop zombie - he's even at work on time - yeah, things are bad)

          It's a bit like the folktale with the magic porridge pot, and it grows and grows.
          • And I've got about 400 more equally unexciting words. In which the perp's ex-wife sobs on Fraser's shoulder.
  • thirty six... thousand... words?

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