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Torchwood 101 and 102 - buzzy's mostly shallow review

Torchwood is great. It has weevils

101: I was not expecting that. pterodactyl.

I did like the fact Jack was asking what happened when you died. Not least because it doesn't directly contradict Death is Just a Dream. Actually, there are no direct contradictions, which is good. *g*

102: I'll give you three guesses who that hand belongs to, and the first two don't count. Oh, and Ianto is asexual. Hee. Asexual as the new gay. Plus, Ianto is cooler than cool.

Gwen can be a little wearing, but hopefully she'll calm down a bit.

Jack is still the king of the one-liner, and yes, uniform. (I'll be in my bunk) HIs habit of saying "21st Century" - it's almost as if he wants Gwen to figure it out. (and then he tells her to go home)

Also? Does Jack sleep any more? Or does he just spend the nights standing on tall pieces of Cardiff architecture? (that's actually semi-serious)

I am so glad the lesbian snogging happened under "sex pollen", since that would have caused much parental awkwardness otherwise.

General: Pretty divergent in levels of "extreme" going on. 101 you could probably show to ten-year olds (or if you're technoparent, you could even upload it to your computer, put a few little cuts in (gushing blood ect) and push that envelope a bit). 102, really, not ten year old friendly. bbd didn't know they were aiming "adult". mummyfrog's "oh, we'll all be talking about that at work tomorrow" happened in the first sex scene, even before the monkey spanking came into things.
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