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The problem with job application forms and job interviews is that they require me to think in a way that does not come naturally.

Confronted with
You should tell us how you meet the criteria listed in the person specification, giving specific examples wherever possible including knowledge, abilities, skills and experience gained both inside and outside paid work, or through study and training.

and an attached list of person specifications, assessment criteria, and bullet point things...

It's like being told to recite the alphabet backwards.
(and what I'd like to know is why the order of the alphabet? Maybe on a different day it wouldn't have been aleph bet, but bet aleph and we'd all be singing our betalef in school)

I do not do well at these things. I end up resorting to mechanical phrases and gap filling because on some level I do not understand the bloody question. It makes me think of Ms S at school (kindly) screaming "state the bleeding obvious!" in the face of the source-orientated paper. Well, in the face of me trying to do the source orientated paper. Apparently my flaw is to assume that people inherently know things or can come to the same basic conclusions, or maybe that they're just as smart as me.

Job application forms: how to increase levels of mediocricity in your organisation and recruit according to ability to answer interview questions in a concise and simplistic manner probably including falsehoods and exaggerations.

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