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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

due South recs - 2 long, one medium

due South recs - 2 long, one medium

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kowalski: pinboard
December by phenyx_tp
Fraser/Kowalski kidfic with a touch of future!fic, NC-17 and really quite good. It seems Phenyx is a new author, or at least new to the lj-contigent of the fandom. I know there are a whole bunch of you on the f-list who really like kidfic, and then there's me, who rarely buys into this sort of thing. But the voices are good, and Vecchio is actually done a good measure of justice:
"You evil Mountie," Ray panted. "What have you done to the real Fraser?"

Straddling Ray's legs just above the knees, Fraser grinned. "He's gone," Fraser purred. "My prodigious sexual aptitude proved to be too overwhelming for his puritanical sensibilities. He died from the shock."

So? My favourite line is from the sex scene, but honestly it's all good.

Okay, I'd also like to rec omphale23's Spring Cleaning, a very different kettle of fish, 6500 words and Pg-13 and just poignantly beautiful and a different angle on the whole post COTW relationship of angst thing. Plus, Ray's new career makes me grin.

And for the people who prefer erotica over porn,
j_s_cavalcante Because of the Moon. Possibly the most beautiful Fraser and RayK in a hotel story ever, and by that I mean better than the Speranza where they get trapped in Iowa ("you just like saying Iowa")
  • Thanks for the rec! (And Ray's new career makes me grin, too!)
  • *blushes very hard*

    I didn't see this till now. How sweet of you. Wow. I am over the moon to have a rec like that from one of my own favorite authors. Just...wow.
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