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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Things buzzy hates brane stopping play, repeatedly look and read…

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welsh: headdesk
Things buzzy hates
  • brane stopping play, repeatedly
  • look and read flashbacks quagmire, abandon you quest!
  • A key absense in the new Lucifer Box novel
  • the weather
  • increasing pressure to tidy room
  • hearing nothing re: office monkey job for which I interviewed last week (must post interview-action!buzzy pic)
  • getting an out and out "bog off" form letter from job I could do in my sleep and actually enjoy
  • parents' attempts at consolation revolving around "when you get your headaches zapped" or "there are other jobs out there"
  • Careers lady cancelling our Wednesday meeting one hour beforehand
  • Refusal of ditto to admit that brane ache might be a factor in not getting jobs. Sure, not the documented reason, but... you get the idea
  • phone calls from UCL careers office so they can compile bloody leavers stats and stupid suggestions
  • Dreamhost tos'ing everybody now I have wizzier internet

Things buzzy likes
  • her web referrers
  • the amusing idea that in Dover, Fusion Food means a combined English Breakfast and Chinese buffet
  • offer of new carpet
  • talking to tazzio
  • talking to papajoemambo
  • cross-stitch
  • bbd
  • needing to go to the Dover Museum postcard exhibition because proof somebody was offering llama rides c1910
  • possibility that brain might work in near future - appt: monday
  • the new Lucifer Box novel: Devil in Amber
  • Angela Carter's book of Fairy Tales
  • Hee! Taz is back!
    • The gang are alll here! eee!

      (if EQ is here, I will die. Am afraid bbd has more of a clue re: slash)
      • EQ is on facebook!
        • Okaaay... I'm so not.

          Not least because the Daily Mail has this uncanny ability to find people on there... and I don't want them tracking down anything incriminating/embarassing should I ever do something...
  • Awww!

    You just made me feel all squooshy-cuddly-warm.

    Such a sweet lil B.
  • I seriously need to be able to afford Devil in Amber some time soon. Also it had better not be Charlie who's absent. But don't tell me.

    I wish it had been Lucifer I made out with. *le sigh*
    • *zips lips*

      I actually enjoyed this one more than the first.

      • I just died of laughter over your icon.

        In other news, oh, god, really? *eyes bank account and stomps feet in eager impatience*
        • Thanks, not by me, though.

          The best way to describe the difference (appropriate to your icon) is between Who!Jack and Torchwood!Jack... this Lucifer is deeper because he's older and wiser and maybe a bit maudlin

          Illustrations are no way near in the same league as the ones in the first book, though.
  • llama rides? \u/

    Angela Carter's book of Fairy Tales

    i have that! i - oh, wait. curses. tardington has that. but she's great. (i have a second, second hand, copy of "the bloody chamber", her book of beautifully, creepily retold fairy stories. it's a bit of a tacky edition printed to tie-in with the release of the company of wolves . free to a good home if you haven't read it...)
    • This is when Dover was cool (and the last time we had decent architecture)... bbd and I really want to go to the exhibition and are a bit miffed that we forgot when we went for fusion food working lunch with mummyfrog.

      Why am I not surprised that the Tard has it?

      I borrowed it from the library after reading china_shop and finding that it was the source for her real inuit stories... it was all to do with the impossible seekrit santa idea.

      I can live with tacky movie tie ins - so yes please!
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