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On a bit of a roll.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
65,000 / 65,500

Okay, so I meant to do the exposition and the sex in that gap, and have just got through the exposition/resolution and into the come on for the sex scene (and I'm still not entirely sure how to get from a to b, or what the boys will be doing, but at least, it should be easier to write). And it's good stuff (I hope).

So the to do is:
  1. Work out what the boys are going to do once they decide to go to bed
  2. Work out how that works emotionally
  3. Add the ending that people might kill me for
  4. Print draft copy (change cartridge first and steal paper from lounge) and go through that for typoes and spag. (Spelling Punctuation And Grammar).
  5. Alterations
  6. Work out how to do final beta'ing and coding before webdate
  7. Kick back and drink Pimms

ETA: just noticed the massive yupswing on percentages has a little to do with me accidentally dropping 1000 from my target. Oops. Still, 2500 words in a day is not to be sneezed at especially when the material is fairly complex
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