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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Tonight's LoM

Tonight's LoM

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hugh house
That tonight's LoM opened with my beloved Hawkwind (aka What BBD Was Listening To In the 70s) made me inordinately happy. It was the grinding borken tripped out music when Sam wakes up and starts walking down the road etcIt was just the instrumental opener and now I'm not sure what song it was *sigh* I thought it was Time We Left the World Today, but after an hour of Camberwick Green with Gene etc, I can't really remember enough to remember. Hell, if you want psychadelic rock, Hwakwind is the way to go.

ETA: I wouldn't put it past the production team to put in You Know You're Only Dreaming, but it's only 26seconds from start to vocals, and this had a long instrumental. Or at least it felt like a long instrumental.
  • I loved Life on Mars tonight. It was very 'Seeing is Believing' with all the different points of view.
  • I actually watched Life on Mars last week (I missed the first 4 episodes of the 1st series and didn't think was any point starting to watch it). But OMG it was amazing, I lovvveee Gene. I wish I had watched it all the way through and am sorely tempted to buy the dvds.

    Thought I would share that :)
    • I still haven't seen S1 (I have it on my shelf but I'm appalling at actually watching things). It is amazing.
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