little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

You say Bleurhhhh, I say Bleurgggg Fever Dreams

Once Again 'tis the joy of migraine. Which is why I slept not a wink on Sunday night, all day Monday and barely at all last night.

"As Deaths Go It's Not The Funnest" Yup, I agree with Kitty Pryde here.

Went to the Comic Mart/Fair on Sunday. Now Up to my nose in comics, trades etc. And I owe my best pal £15. I took her to stop me from spending money!

On the up side I now have the 2nd (really hard to get) Captain Britain TP and 2 Authority TPs. I have just discovered the joy of Apollo and the Midnighter. I keep on imagining them suddenly appearing in the same place as Iceman and Northstar. There is a cunning plan to distract the powers that be from the fact that the spirit of the 21st century has just appeared in the M U. It involves Apollo in someone's favourite blue and white jumpsuit and a certain testy canadian in drag.

*Happy Thoughts*

Less happy thoughts. Did precisely nada this weekend 'cept groan and sleep. Have five and a 1/2 tons of homework. And the attention span of a lobotomised goldfish.

Oh and I had Palaeography and hadn't done the prep. BOLLOCKS

You can come out from under the sofa now, kiddies, auntie Rachel's calmed down again

Further Downpoints: Still haven't heard from the Student Hardship bunnies.

*Mire Of Angsty Depression*

Oh, and I keep imagining Stacy taking Kurt to her high school reunion. With all his earings in. I liked Nightcrawler with earings. He made me feel warm and fuzzy.

'Til I regain my (relative) sanity: Toodle-Pip!

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