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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?



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hugh house
I think I'm falling in love with the bfp all over again. I've been checking and coding and this means that I've been reading the thing... and I'm in love with it. So much for the intellectual distance grown of writing it over about 11 months or so. I just don't want to be so in love with it that I can't take criticism (or rather I can, but it results in a totally disillusionment crash) because I've been there before and I don't want my ship sunk with rocks. Uhm, I'm not sure how much of that made sense.

It's just I can see this and go "how is this so awesome?". And, uhm, you might as well buy tickets to watch the falling now. It works better than I remember it. It's like being able to look at a mosaic, rather than the individual tesserae. I knew I was seeding things, but it looks so much more planned than I expected it to.

Still, it's refamiliarising me with what happens and when because writing this, I spent so long focussing through a very small window of what happens now and what happens immediately next.

Yes, a) I write my own fanfiction and (because malnpudl would be interested) b) almost always find the sex scenes hot.

ETA: still not sure about rat_jam. Currently keeping out, as I did with outofcontext (or however it's spelt). Need to concentrate on finishing this before I even consider anything else.
  • I still remember the day you came over all bouncy with this big idea. I'm glad it worked out.

    ps I've started watching Heroes, which is made of awesome.
  • *smishes you*

    I don't think you'll have a fall, it's a very shiny story.

    (And, uh, if it takes til maybe the middle of the weekend to get it back to you will you kill me? I've discovered coughing and typing are very hard to achieve together..)

    • *sends yopu the cough cure of your choice*


      I'll be fine. I'm still coding what I've got, so that it's ready for a slog once you're hale and hearty.
  • Oh, hey! Join at whatever stage! We would love to have you WHENEVER.

    And it's so multi-part that you can JUST DO the fic battle, or the viewings and chats, or the meta. It's ALL GOOD

    EEE! I'm so excited! Eeee!
    • Once I conquer the bfp, then I'll probably come over.

      Boobies! (I have no boob icon, so have lesbians instead)
  • I am, indeed, interested!

    It's wonderful to enjoy your own writing. And to get off on your own porn. Hell, that's more than half the fun of it. :-)

    I hope you find that you're able to join in for a least occasional bits of rat_jam. Fun will be had. More fun if you're there.
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