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I joined in the rat_jam. One buzzy x-men fic, and one due south rec.

Firstly, the rec:

cerriddwen wrote a great due South gen snippet, which is funny, smart and Oh! Canada!, that I will recommend it to anyone out there, not just the dS fen.

Secondly, the rat_jam has got me off my ass to write a little x-men (comicverse and seriously old school) Rogue and Wolverine in Japan ficlet. Still with the gen, there. (I think bamfchickie might like it, otherwise, I'm not sure)

And now, to type up the_dosk's neural networking notes.

*will write up notes for cash*

ETA: Nice torchwood ficlet (and when I say "nice", I mean "absolutely fucking awesome") by etcetera_cat. Cramming in so much Jack fun that it's incredible.
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