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Hard Core Logoes

Hell, I'm finally doing something with my second-ever HCL bunny (I'll tell you about the first some other time) and it's proving to be a little more complicated than that Moment of Clarity when I woke up told me it was going to be.

Christ, this movie is big with the dialogue and I need to slip into the right scenes and hell... the idea is only half-baked. I'm not even sure where I'm going at this point. (hhm, maybe I should have more fanbunnies on my msn)

But, once again, big with the dialogue. I've been wading through the Where's Billy scene and there's so much going on in this damn movie. There are so many ways to read that damn finger of Joe's...

Was it malnpudl who was suggesting/working on/one of the above a transcript? Because I get that I'm going to be watching this movie a lot to make this story (or what I've got of it) work, but I'm currently trying to engage the detail brain, the describing brain, the motivation brain, and the transcribing brain. And it's hard fucking work.

If you haven't guess I have something a little beyond those weirdly sweet savage Joe/Billy ficlets that make up a lot of the fandom (not that I have anything against them) and... hmmm... now I'm worried that this looks too like Perspective's A Bitch (Negative Feed) by sageness (If you read one HCL story, it should be this one). Except you can't tell me it's not or just damn reassure me because I haven't told you my idea. Largely because I am afraid of jinxing and in my urge to get the beginning down (and reference the whole Where's Billy thing) I might have lost a lot of my bigger picture and I have bits in my head and not enough framework to make them fit. What the hell. It involves time travel (sort of) and I swear I had the idea before Kurt Vonnegut shuffled off his mortal coil and I'm sure some of you can put it together from that. I'm also terrified of just seeming derrivative as opposed to... I dunno... smart and derrivative.
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